At N2, we are driven by our ability - and our responsibility - to make a difference in this world. We believe in a future where everyone is free. We believe in using our resources to better the communities we serve. We believe in the good that we, as a company, can do when our team members give their time to help others.

N2 aims to have an impact locally and globally, and it's through our profit, product, and people that this monumental goal is realized.


As a for-profit business, N2 Publishing is skilled at generating revenue through our products. Nonprofits, on the other hand, seek financial contributions in order to do what they do best: make a real impact on the lives of others in need. So our role is clear: Through our N2GIVES initiative, we use our revenue to financially partner with 501(c)3s to bring forth change on a global scale.

Though there are countless causes worthy of financial support, the heart of N2 is with those trapped in modern-day slavery – an estimated 40.3 million people today. N2 donates a portion of our revenue to the best of the best nonprofits in the anti-human trafficking world who work to bring hope to the hopeless and eradicate the greatest injustice of our time. To date, we’ve given more than $10 million to the fight.

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As the top producer of neighborhood publications, N2 is uniquely positioned to make an impact on local communities across the nation.

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10,000+ Ads Available

To Nonprofits Each Year

We offer free advertising space in N2 publications to 501(c)3 organizations, introducing their cause to community members who can help make a difference

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2,000,000+ Residents

Reached Each Month

We turn neighborhoods into communities by sharing resident stories, opening the door to genuine neighbor-to-neighbor relationships

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30,000+ Advertisers

Currently Served

We help small businesses grow by getting them in front of local customers month after month

In each of the nearly 1,000 communities we serve, our goal is that these three groups – nonprofits, communities, and small businesses – are better off because of the local N2 publication. We’ve been fortunate to hear inspiring stories that tell us this is true.

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At N2, we take special care in bringing people on the team who fit our culture of humility, camaraderie, and respect. So it’s no surprise our team members are willing to put aside their work (at least for a day) to help those in need in their local communities. In 2018, we hosted the first official N2 Serves Day, which took place on November 2. On that day, our entire work family (1,000+ team members throughout the U.S.) was encouraged to #SkipWorkDoGood by leaving their desks and volunteering for a few hours with a nonprofit of their choice.

We set a big goal for our inaugural event: to collectively volunteer 2,000 hours in a single day… and we surpassed it! It is our hope that year after year we can grow the number of hours we serve and the impact N2 makes by placing "doing good" at the top of the day’s to-do list.

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