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We are grateful to be part of your community.

Anchorage Living

We aim to turn this wonderful neighborhood into a true community through the stories we share. We are able to create and deliver a new issue every month – free to residents – thanks to the generosity of our advertising partners and the participation of neighbors!

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Tammy Moloy

Tammy Moloy

Tammy Moloy is a connector and a leader in the constant quest to make her hometown of Louisville, Kentucky the best it can be through her partnership with the home owners in Anchorage, Lake Forest and Norton Commons (residential communities in the metro Louisville area). She works with these residents on their private monthly publications all about them as well as social media pages and neighborhood events. In addition to working directly with residents in these particular neighborhoods, she also provides an opportunity for businesses to build rapport and accelerate word-of-mouth referrals through partnership in a comprehensive marketing program, including print and social media advertising opportunities as well as invitations to networking events. Prior to joining the N2 Company family, Tammy spent 28 years working in the nonprofit sector seeing first-hand the power of community building for healing societal ails. Hence, the N2 Company mission of "turning neighborhoods into communities" is synergistic with Tammy's passion and core values. She loves using the N2 program to encourage volunteerism, community building, and recognition of people doing good in the world!

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