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We aim to turn this wonderful neighborhood into a true community through the stories we share. We are able to create and deliver a new issue every month – free to residents – thanks to the generosity of our advertising partners and the participation of neighbors!

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Jenni Eifler

Jenni Eifler

Jenni grew up in Waterford and earned her Bachelor's Degree in Marketing at Baker College, with a concentration in Entrepreneurship. Her older sister, Jamie, is also a franchise owner with N2 and introduced her into the business. She loves the fact that her career is building relationships by connecting residents together while helping the best local businesses reach their ideal clients. Her passions include roller skating, camping, cooking, painting, crafting, gardening, reading, traveling, learning about holistic health, science, and spirituality. She strives to be a better person every day and is enjoying the journey. Jim grew up in Royal Oak and earned his Bachelor's Degree from Walsh College in Accountancy. His love for communicating, sharing, and helping connect people attracted him to the business. Jim is committed to personal improvement and enjoys living a healthy and simple lifestyle. He is a certified personal trainer, teaches yoga, coaches football, loves to read, and is passionate about researching breakthroughs about health and science while sharing these profound truths that empower people to make better moral decisions.

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