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Red Rock Park Life

We aim to turn this wonderful neighborhood into a true community through the stories we share. We are able to create and deliver a new issue every month – free to residents – thanks to the generosity of our advertising partners and the participation of neighbors!

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Sarah Massey

Sarah Massey

Sarah Massey launched her first publication, Southside Village Life, in 2013. Red Rock Park Life is currently being created with a Fall 2021 anticipated launch date. Sarah grew up in the neighborhood and now lives close by with her husband, three children, and two dogs. They enjoy going to the beach, swimming, playing sports, and relaxing with friends and family. For her, these magazines are the perfect way to show her gratitude to this wonderful community. These magazines are community-driven. You may recognize some of the writers and photographers as your next-door neighbors! A connection to Granada, Oyster Bay, and San Remo. In each issue of Red Rock Park Life, you will discover a collection of fun and thought-provoking stories written BY and ABOUT the neighbors. You'll find a variety of topics ranging from homes, families, pets, travel, recipes, and more! Whether you're new to the neighborhood or a long-time resident, Red Rock Park Life is an excellent way to keep up with the community, meet new friends, and discover some of the finest local companies to do business with.

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