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We aim to turn this wonderful neighborhood into a true community through the stories we share. We are able to create and deliver a new issue every month – free to residents – thanks to the generosity of our advertising partners and the participation of neighbors!

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Renee Cavanagh

Renee Cavanagh

Hi! I have lived in Signature of Solon for almost five years and absolutely love it! I started working the publication shortly after moving here through another AD who I wrote articles far. After he left I got approached a year or so later about re-launching it. I decided I was too busy and not to pursue it. One thing led to another and I ended up giving it a try. My first edition hit mailboxes in March 2020, just in time for Corona!! I stayed the course, worked with N2 and helped my newly acquired partners out during the shut down. As summer came, I ended up growing the publication and continue to do so until this day. The residents have responded with positivity and support and send in a lot of content. I am always looking for high quality businesses run by exceptional professionals who I can introduce to our community.

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