Is N2 Publishing a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) Company?

It’s time for some real talk. Is N2 a Multi-level Marketing (MLM) business? Is N2 a pyramid scheme? A scam? Many companies faced with such theories about them would shy away, hoping the “haters” grow ti...
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Aaron Hutchison: Clients, Culture, & Cleats

The next day there is really good weather in Columbus, OH, Aaron Hutchison will take his son to the zoo. But you won’t find him worrying whether his business will crumble when he takes the day off to...
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Investing in People: N2 Training & Support

N2 Publishing exists to strengthen families and create a positive impact in the lives of others. We consider it a win when our people reach their professional goals, live good lives both on and off the clock, and gen...
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Schedule Yourself to Success

Have you ever had one of those days when, after going nonstop for hours, you take inventory of what you’ve accomplished and... draw a blank? If you just broke out in a sweat, don’t fret. It happens to e...
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Hard Work & Prayer: Karen Randolph’s Debt-Free Journey

I remember what life was like before N2 and before I started tackling my finances. I had just finished college the year before and was in a yearlong internship with my college campus ministry, so needless ...
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Communicating Well: Bernadette Hayes’ Debt-Free Journey

Businessman, personal finance guru, motivational speaker – Dave Ramsey can be described in many ways. But in the eyes of Bernadette Hayes, there’s a surprising title that belongs near the top of his list: ...
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Owning It: Tom Bramhall’s Debt-Free Journey

What is debt? “Dumb.”What is cash? “King.”These simple questions take many adults a lot of years (and a whole lot of stress) to figure out. For Tom Bramhall’s son Luke, however, these answers already come ...
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