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A Better Opportunity Awaits

The perfect career opportunity isn’t one-size-fits-all. That’s why, in creating the N2 Area Director role, we didn’t bother trying to please the masses. But there are four defining char...
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Working Parents: The Terrys Balance Family And Business Ownership

The Terrys may be “working parents,” but it seems more fitting to say they are parents that work. After all, for these two, being Mom and Dad always comes first. It’s why Mike and Alice bid farewell to career...
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Ace the interview  two small but mighty tips v2

Ace the Interview: Tips from N2's Talent Aquisition Team Leader

I’ve had the pleasure of working with our Talent Acquisition Team to conduct hundreds of interviews with potential candidates for N2. By talking with so many job seekers, I’ve picked up t...
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How NOT to Ramp-Up

I began working in sales as soon as I graduated college and never looked back. Early on, my selling success came down to two simple tasks: convincing businesses to sign on the dotted line and moving on to the next...
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Kelli Heppner: Taking The Leap Of Faith

In my previous career, I worked for a promotions company as an Event Manager, planning and putting together large consumer shows. For the most part, this was what you would consider a full-time, 8-to-5 job...
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Christine Knapp: A Mom Who Found the Freedom to Say Yes

Christine Knapp had a vision for her future.“I wanted the freedom to say ‘yes’ to my children,” Christine says. “Financially, I never want anything to hold me back from saying ‘yes.’”Christine became an Area Dir...
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The Low-Down On Ramp-Up

“Nothing worth having comes easy.”Yes, it is cliché to kick off with a quote from a past president, but what can you do if Roosevelt simply put it best? I mean, we’re talking about ramping-up a brand-n...
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