If you're wondering what kind of people you'll find at N2 Publishing, look no further than our Culture Deck. Our team members are ambitious for their work, the cause, and the organization, not solely themselves. We seek a workplace filled with radiators who take not only work, but life to the next level.

Our Team

From leadership to Area Directors to Home Office team members, we all share a few defining characteristics: we’re motivated, self-improving, and values-driven. And N2 is not your typical Corporate America company with a c-suite full of people who were recruited straight to the top. Every executive who trains and leads our sales team began at N2 by ramping up and managing a publication. Let’s just say we don’t bring on anyone too big for their britches.

Duane Hixon

Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

Earl Seals

President & Co-Founder

Jim Hall

Chief Operating Officer

Michael Beams

Chief Technology Officer

Area Directors