The Area Director role is challenging. But for the right people, it’s even more rewarding. Hear from a few who know best.

Area Directors get honest about what difficulties they faced starting at N2, and what they now love most about the opportunity.

Kevin Ryan testimonial video

Kevin Ryan

Even before N2, I made a living selling advertising in the niche publishing industry.

Cathy Sine testimonial video

Cathy Sine

I worked in marketing, then became a stay-at-home mom for 11 years prior to N2.

Bernadette Hayes testimonial video

Bernadette Hayes

Prior to starting my business with N2 I sold advertising.

Rob Clarke testimonial video

Rob Clarke

For eight years, before launching with N2, I worked in restaurant management.

Steve West testimonial video

Steve West

Prior to N2, I worked in printing operations and management for 25 years.

Heidi Platusic testimonial video

Heidi Platusic

Prior to N2, I worked in the construction industry for a developer selling homes.

Suzie Chafin testimonial video

Suzie Chafin

I was a stay-at-home mom before I became a business owner through N2.

Mike Terry testimonial video

Mike Terry

I was a senior manager in corporate sales before opening my N2 business.

Jason Hietbrink testimonial video

Jason Hietbrink

Prior to launching my N2 business, I was a full-time college student.

Katie Redding testimonial video

Katie Redding

I worked in display advertising sales for a decade prior to starting my N2 business.

Steve Smith testimonial video

Steve Smith

Before N2, I worked in the film industry on movie trailers for 10 years.

Nicole Geraghty testimonial video

Nicole Geraghty

I was a marketing director in corporate America and a franchise owner prior to N2.

Keith Sewell testimonial video

Keith Sewell

I was in vocational ministry for 16 years before launching my N2 publication.

RC Smith testimonial video

RC Smith

I was a Marine officer, then a farmer and college instructor prior to N2.

Lindsay Rucker testimonial video

Lindsay Rucker

As a single mom, I worked part time at a hair salon before starting my N2 business.

Mike Maletich testimonial video

Mike Maletich

I was a division manager for a direct sales company prior to N2.

Agnes Martin testimonial video

Agnes Martin

Prior to N2, I owned my own business in New York for 20 years.

Brian Schuller testimonial video

Brian Schuller

I was an entrepreneur and a business owner before starting my N2 business.

Reagan Sowders testimonial video

Reagan Sowders

Before starting my own business through N2, I was a college graduate.

Jason Pattee testimonial video

Jason Pattee

Prior to N2, I did business-to-business sales in the corporate world.

Reece Hale testimonial video

Reece Hale

I worked in business-to-consumer direct sales prior to launching my N2 business.

Jonathan Price testimonial video

Jonathan Price

Prior to starting my N2 business, I was a general manager in the logistics industry.

Dennis Jankowski testimonial video

Dennis Jankowski

Prior to launching my N2 business, I worked in direct sales and videography.