N2's story began when two friends acknowledged they wanted more from life. More time to spend with their young, growing families. More financial freedom and control. More of their personal beliefs and values reflected in a brand. More opportunities and rewards for hard-working team members.

Our Product

We create customized, high-quality publications for members of exclusive communities so that, through resident-submitted stories and photos shared within, they can learn about their neighbors. The result: highly-anticipated monthly publications that echo the distinct voice of the neighborhood and reflect the community itself.

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Why Print? N2’s consistent growth rate has landed us on the Inc. 5000 for seven consecutive years. But despite our progress, the digital era still has people wondering why N2 chooses to build our business in a traditional industry. So, here’s the easy answer: Print works for us. And, more importantly, it works for our partners and it’s what our residents want.

The feel. The smell. The look. The sound. Print engages the senses in a way digital never will. It offers the eyes a much-needed screen break. It’s a simple tool… no threat of viruses and no dependency on wifi to be kept up to date on local stories. For our advertisers, print’s audience is controlled, intentional, and specific in a way that other advertising opportunities can’t be. And printed products are lasting, which means N2 publications remain on the coffee tables of residents for as long as they like.

Our Culture

We’re not talking free snacks, Casual Fridays, or an in-office gym. Those are great, but they’re just perks that live within four office walls and don’t apply when people head home. Our culture, on the other hand, is something that exists within us. Most of our team works remotely across the U.S. And despite the geographical differences, we still have a culture each person knows by heart and lives out by action. That is, in large part, because of our Culture Deck: the official document we reference to guide who we bring onto the team and how we conduct ourselves as a part of this organization.

Our Cause

Have you heard about or witnessed something you just can’t shake? For us as a company, it’s the epidemic of modern-day slavery.

An estimated 40.3 million people are victims of modern-day slavery — some in third-world countries and some in our very own communities; all of whom deserve freedom. Our goal is to bring hope to the hopeless. Through our philanthropic arm, N2GIVES, we work to raise awareness of human trafficking and fund the nonprofits whose people are out on the “front lines” taking action.

Since 2016, N2GIVES, has donated $5.1 million to support freedom fighters who rescue and restore the lives of victims.

Our Founders' Vision

Though N2 is not a faith-based company, our founders are proudly Christian. They believe in caring for all people and treating everyone with respect – no matter someone’s faith choice – and that’s the foundation on which they’ve built this business. In this video, learn about Earl and Duane’s worldview and how they use their shared Christian values to effectively lead a company that's truly welcoming of all people, regardless of religious beliefs.


Discover More

Want more out of your work life? At N2, we're as much about getting the job done as we are about making time to spend with loved ones and following the passions outside of work. If this sounds like the "more" you're missing, we'd love to meet you.

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