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Through neighborhood-specific content, we create a sense of belonging within hundreds of upscale communities nationwide.


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N2 publications share inspiring stories of your neighbors.

With each issue, homeowners find another thing in common with a neighbor down the street.

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Our industry-leading monthly magazines never cost readers a dime thanks to local advertisers!

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We help strengthen neighborhood connections beyond the pages.

Many N2 Area Directors, who manage our pubs locally, also organize social events for residents and advertisers.

Get to Know Our Founders

Duane Hixon

Duane Hixon

Co-Founder & CEO

Earl Seals

Earl Seals

Co-Founder & President

In 2004, friends Duane Hixon and Earl Seals found themselves burnt out from their jobs and in search of a company they would both actually enjoy working for. After coming up empty handed, they decided to build the business themselves. Though their mission was all about providing an amazing work life for team members, they also understood the woes of the small business owner – specifically, how hard it was to truly connect with local consumers.

With that in mind, they set out to create a product that would not only benefit local businesses but would have a profound and positive impact on area residents as well. N2 Publishing’s neighborhood magazines were born. Today Duane (CEO) and Earl (President) are still at the helm of N2 Publishing as co-founders, keeping the same company mission alive since day one. and Duane talking

“N2 has never been a company that shys away from helping our team members beyond the office walls.”

Duane Hixon

CEO & Co-Founder

Wondering why Duane and Earl chose print media?

Read about the many pros of print.


Have you heard about or witnessed something that changes your life forever and compels you to take action? For N2 Publishing, it’s the epidemic of modern-day slavery.

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An estimated 40.3 million people today are victims of modern-day slavery – some in third-world countries and some in our very own communities, all of whom deserve freedom. N2’s goal is to bring hope to the hopeless. Through our giving program, N2GIVES, we work to raise awareness of human trafficking and fund the nonprofits whose people are out on the “front lines” taking action.

Since 2016, N2GIVES has donated $13 million+ to support organizations that rescue and restore the lives of victims.

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We’re Still Growing!

Since 2004, we’ve led the way in neighborhood magazine publishing, and N2 Publishing’s impact is still growing thanks to the dedication of locally based Area Directors. If you have sales experience and there’s a franchise opening near you, look into our Area Director role.

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We help great businesses reach their ideal clients. How? N2 Publishing magazines serve established, affluent neighborhoods. This means advertising partners build recognition and support among the most powerful consumers in their area. Get in touch with your local Area Director today.

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