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The franchise for people who didn’t know they wanted a franchise.

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Looking for a better sales opportunity?

An eight-time Inc. 5000 winner, N2 Publishing is no stranger to growth. So when we spot affluent neighborhoods that could benefit from a custom publication, we add the right people to our team.

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Find out if you’re a fit.

We work with sales-savvy professionals to launch and operate new monthly magazines as part of our national Area Director team.

We're A Different Kind of Franchise

This is an advertising sales role with the opportunity to build equity in your own publication business. It offers extensive support and training on a proven (and highly replicable) program, without many of the typical roadblocks of owning and operating a franchise. Rethink what you know about franchise ownership.

Waived franchise fee.

We’re waiving our franchise fee, and keeping our “Top Low-Cost Franchise” designation from Entrepreneur alive and well.

No brick and mortar.

No physical storefront or office space means profit in your pocket you don’t have to put toward overhead.

Flexible daytime hours.

Unlike most franchises (think retail and food), N2 Area Directors aren’t locked into a set schedule.


Hear N2 salespeople share the challenges and rewards of their role.

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Area Directors are more than salespeople and franchisees. They are advocates who share stories that build community. They are gatekeepers who determine which local businesses are fit to promote to the many residents who trust our product.

Sell advertising.

Set appointments and meet with local business owners to discuss advertising options.

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Gather content.

Build relationships with your readers and collect the unique content they provide.

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Plan events.

Host socials for readers and advertisers to strengthen connections beyond the pages.

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Owning your own publication business puts you in control.

Work from home.

Choose the workspace you prefer. Most ADs operate from the comfort of their own home.

Set your schedule.

Book sales appointments and meetings with readers at times that work best for you.

Determine your workload.

Your earnings are based on your sales activity, so work more or less depending on your goals. sitting at a work desk and talking on the phone while taking notes

“The fact that you can completely control your work schedule means that you can prioritize what’s really important to you. For me, it’s the ability to pick up and drop off my boys from preschool...[and] to work whenever and wherever I want.”

Alexis Brinkley

Alexis Brinkley

Area Director

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  • Uncapped Earning Potential
  • Generous Profit Margin
  • Sales Training & Resources

“With the uncapped income potential N2 offers, we’ve been able to pay off debt, take some fun family trips, and support organizations that our family is really passionate about.”

Ryan Jones

Ryan Jones

Area Director

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We’re looking for qualified candidates who not only have sales experience, but believe in the same guiding principles that shape N2 Publishing’s award-winning culture.

N2 Publishing Core Values

Treat Everyone with Respect

Everyone, regardless of position or tenure, is important to our team. If you can’t show respect to everyone on our team, your time with N2 will be limited.

Do the Right Thing, Not the Easy Thing

Acting with integrity takes courage, but it’s the right way to live. Have the courage to own and correct the mistakes you make.

Be Better Tomorrow Than You Are Today

Regardless of recent success or current challenges, we can always be better tomorrow than we are today. This mentality drives us to stimulate and embrace change.

Be Humble

Have the self-awareness to know your strengths and limitations. You are good at some things; it’s healthy to admit that. You are bad at some things; it’s healthy to admit that too.

Add Value… Always

Our clients owe us nothing. We are not entitled to our success. It’s on every one of us to ensure we always bring value to our clients, and to each other, at N2.

Embrace We, Not Me

Everyone wants to succeed individually. But teams will always accomplish more than a single person. If we do what is best for the entire team, ultimately we will have more success as individuals.


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Getting Started

So, what’s next? Check out our 5-step franchisee onboarding process.

  1. Submit short and simple application
  2. Two interviews with a Talent Acquisition team member
  3. Final interview with a Launch Coach
  4. If approved, call with Launch Success team and review Franchise Disclosure Document
  5. Sign paperwork, including Franchise Agreement

The information presented in this advertisement is general information only and is not intended as an offer to sell or the solicitation of an offer to buy a franchise. Certain jurisdictions regulate the offer and sale of franchises. If the offer or sale is regulated by any of these jurisdictions, we will not offer or sell you a franchise unless and until we have complied with all applicable requirements.

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